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About Us

SOS continues to use innovative techniques that will integrate with

your organization business and personal success. Our services and leadership provide maximum impact for successful outcomes.

Our Story

SOS is a veteran and minority owned strategy consultant company. SOS uses unique strategic tailored specifics for each investor, partner, or customer needs. Nearly 30 years of experience strategy concepts to include: Leadership, Telecommunications, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Business Management, Strategic Planning Management, Project Management, Testing and Engineering, Organizational Psychology, Safety, Victim Advocacy, and other fields of study. 


Our Values

 SOS is dedicated in providing professional development and business knowledge for its partners interests. Fairness, innovation, creativity, and professional development are important aspects of our commitment to you. Our commitment to core beliefs of integrity, determination, and sincerity are given to provide meaningful impact to your self-awareness.


Our Leadership

The founder of SOS created the company in June 2021 after seeing the devasting affects from COVID-19 on small businesses due. He went on to develop strategy concepts and partnerships, within the local communities, and others abroad. Faithful partners joined and expanded SOS abilities to advise, and assist professionals seeking personal development and small business strategies. 

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